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Nadishana - dzuddahord, turkish kavals, hybrid kaval, futujara, khomus, jaw harps, tambujira, udu

Raphael De Cock - uilleann pipes, chathan, vocals, throat singing, bawu, kaval, low whistle,

NADISUNA - the duo of two virtuoso multi-skilled musicians Nadishana / Raphael De Cock is a fusion project which takes you to musical journey through different ethnic cultures. Combining self-composed and traditional tunes musicians shows the knowledge of the wide range of traditional musical cultures and innovative approach to cross-cultural fusion.

Khakas odd meters are blending here with Sami yoik, dzuddahord is accompanying uilleann pipes, kaval meets chathan.

Musicians use traditional folk instruments (uilleann pipes, chathan, low whistle, khomus, udu) in combination with self-invented (futujara, dzuddahord, hybrid kaval).